Saturday, May 29, 2010

First week report

Been awhile since I have posted a blog report and I apologize for that. I have been running around to all the camps and opening up with our pilot Graham. I have noticed water levels are extremely low, so I urge guests to be very careful the first time out on the water. Cocos, SW and West are at least 1.5 ft lower than normal. Flying over the lakes, new reefs are appearing with the lower water. We are in need of rain. There is no fire ban as of yet, so be extremely careful when having a shore lunch and make sure the fire is completely out when you depart.
I have had a chance to wet a couple of lines and figure out the fishing patterns. Fish seem to be will out of the post spawn patterns. Most are holding on the shallow mud flats or any sort of current. Walleye and northern have been mixed together in most areas. Smaller baits have been rather effective for both species. The 3/4 oz five of diamonds has been Graham's choice of lure. Thus far in the few hours of fishing we have accomplished he has boated a 35", 37" and 39.5" on it, not to mention many in the 30-33" range. I have been trying some new technique's for pike in the shallows. Last few trips out I have thrown a twitching shad, very similar to bass fishing style, and have had excellent success. I have been surprised at how shallow the pike are holding 3 ft or less. Any place with weed growth or dead weeds from the winter has been packed with fish. The water temperatures have fluctuated between 58-63 degree's over the week. We have had a cool and cloudy finish to the week and the water temps have dropped a bit.
We chatted with the crew at Cocos Lake and they managed to give us a good report. Fish are stacked in the rapids right near camp. They commented that about 90% of them were over 18", which means the bigger females are aggressively feeding. Pike were in the shallow sun soaked bays and holding just outside the currents. Once again the giant lures are still ineffective and scaling down to smaller sizes were producing better results.
Aside from fishing we have managed to knock out some spring projects thus far. Both Cocos and West have received new docks. Favourable's dock and stairs are currently being rebuilt as well. I'll be at Burnt Lake for several days and will be able to give a great fishing report when I return.
Good luck in everyone's spring fishing endeavors. Remember to throw the big ones back. Looking forward to visiting with everyone over the course of the summer.
Big Hook Wilderness Camps
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ice out.

The ice is long gone at Big Hook Wilderness Camps and throughout the Opasquia Provincial Park according to Sandy Lake Seaplane. The warm temperatures we have had this spring helped the ice disappear about three days ago. Water levels in Northwest Ontario are severely lower than previous years. Estimates are that the lake level in Sandy Lake is about two feet lower than the last two years. Lack of precipitation over the past six months has drastically lowered the water levels, dried out the forest, and have caused the Ministry of Natural Resources to place a fire ban on Northwest Ontario. However, rain and even some snow flurries are in the forecast for the next week to come. On a good note, the last two days the Eagle Lake area has received about 2 inches of much needed precipitation.
Tuesday I'll run to Winnipeg, pick up our pilot (Graham) and fly XZK back to Eagle Lake for a night or two. Hopefully I'll begin opening camp as early as this upcoming weekend, as long as the weather cooperates of course. I'll keep everyone updated with our progress as we open each outpost and main camp. Hopefully the winter was kind and no bears decided to make our cabins their winter domicile.
Good luck on the water everyone,
Big Hook Wilderness Camps