Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ice Out

Mark it on the calendar, because yesterday was the official ice out for Big Hook Camps.  Sandy Lake Seaplane managed to land a 206 Cessna at the main camp (Central) and inspect the dock.  According to Tom Brotherston, "A large amount of slush is still floating over the majority of the lake." Water levels are about normal for this time of year, however Tom mentioned the woods is extremely dry and in need of moisture.

From a management perspective, the early ice out will allow us to complete numerous projects before the fishing season kicks off on the 19th.  Some finishing touches need to be applied to the Burnt Lake cabin, along with some dock projects at South and SW are on the list.

From a fishing perspective, the early ice departure will mean the walleye post spawn should occur in mid-May. The fish should be hungry and aggressive come May 19th.  I'll make sure to start posting water temperatures and fishing observations as soon as I arrive at the camp.

Good luck on the water everyone,