Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ice Update

The warm temperatures have crept their way into NW Ontario.  Nights are finally beginning to hold at or above freezing while days have been creeping towards 60 degrees recently.  Sunny skies and warmer temperatures have been pummeling the ice over the lakes in northern Ontario the past several days.

Eagle Lake, located 300 miles south of Big Hook Camps, is where we stage before heading north and is just about clear of ice.  Reports from the north country around Sandy Lake are suggesting rapid ice degradation.  Future temperatures in the Opasquia Provincial Park are looking very positive with possible temperatures inching towards 70 around Monday (May 2nd).

This week I am planning on picking up the plane from Winnipeg and if all the weather forecasts hold true, am hoping to be northbound to Big Hook on or before the 10th of May.  Dad and I are also planning a trip up to Red Lake next week with thousands of pounds of food items to drop at Wasaya Air.  These two trips will also provide us with plenty of information on the ice progress up north.

I'll have more information as the week progresses. If anyone has drink or food orders and/or special requests, now is a great time to submit them.  Fingers crossed for warm weather and sunny skies.  We are looking forward to at great 2016 season.

Take care,