Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone from Big Hook Camps.  We wish the best to everyone as 2015 has just begun.  January is a great month to finalize your fishing vacation plans for the spring/summer/fall. We have embarked on the 2015 sport show tour.  Last weekend the Pheasant Run All Canada show was a success and we now turn our sights to Green Bay. Stop by and pay us a visit at the Radisson Convention Center  at the Oneida casino Jan 15th-18th. I have a funny feeling the show may be a tad slow on Sunday, especially during a certain NFL matchup.

Bonus points if you can name that body of water.  Hint: it is one
of our outposts.

The Winter Road Looms

Dad and I have been following the weather closely in the north country.  Our winter road travels will begin soon after the shows.  As of right now our journey north will begin on February 9th. NW Ontario has had bitter cold for the past month or so and the winter road should be open for business shortly.  As usual, we will be transporting 13000-15000 pounds of materials.  A new screened porch for SW Lake, several new 16x8' floating docks, and 2 new boats are just some of the items we will be hauling.

Black eyed Susans are a common flower at Central in August
Nature Shots

The winter can be a deary time for most fisherman.  For me I enjoy several outings of ice fishing, however I truly enjoy the open water.  As a remedy to the cold, I would like to post some great nature shots we received this winter from a gentleman named Dan Probst. Mr. Probst traveled with Dan Gapen Sr this past August and was a member of the film crew. Enjoy the pictures and we hope to see you at the next sport show.

Ferns do not grow very tall at this latitude.
The northern boreal forest looks rather mysterious when
the right camera filter is applied
Cranberries are plentiful and rather small.
They are edible but extremely tart

It is amazing how many wild flowers exist so far north.  

Nothing beats fresh raspberries.  My favorite in cereal. 

The forest floor exhibits hundreds of types of fungus. 

Shadow "the wonder dog" strikes fear into the heart
of squirrels as she races up the trees after them. 

I just love seeing the sunrise and the stars in the same shot.