Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall Waters

A scenic U.P. rapids 
19" Largemouth 
As I have written in years past, fall is hands down my favorite time of year.  The vibrant colors and crisp days amplifies the sportsman in me. Fall time also kicks off my favorite sporting passion, college football.  Needless to say I REALLY look forward to autumn.  Most outdoors folk have traded out their fishing rods for bows and rifles in search of the almighty buck and other woodland creatures.  As for myself, I keep on casting.

With the doors closed after another successful season at Big Hook Camps, I finally have some time to explore NW Ontario waters and bodies throughout the Midwest.  I suffer from the ailment known as "whats around the next corner" syndrome. Often I find myself exploring the water rather than fishing.  On many of the endeavors I embark, I don't catch a single fish; and you know what...I have just as much fun.  Remember there is no bad day on the water, some are just better than others.

Everyone, especially myself, is likely enjoying this fall and the mild temperatures.  From angling for musky on Eagle Lake, Green Bay and Lake Monona to tube jigging bass in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I have been extremely fortunate with fishing this fall.  Pictured right are a couple nice released fish that I and my wife have stumbled across.
Lake Monona Musky 39"

The fall time also allows me to test out some new lures that I believe would excel in the waters at Big Hook.  One particular favorite was the Custom X 5" or 8" Mini X, found HERE.  This crankbait worked extremely well for pike or musky around weed beds this fall.  Designed to be an effective twitch bait or high speed troller, it is a lure I really look forward to using at Big Hook.

Fall Projects 

We managed to close up shop at Big Hook this fall around our usual time, the end of September.  For the first time that I can remember, we did not experience a hard frost before leaving.  Typically we see frost in late August and snow in September. 

The pleasant weather allowed us to complete several projects around a couple of the outposts.  South Lake received vinyl siding on the porch addition. West Lake had new tongue and groove pine interior siding installed in both bedrooms. Cocos Lake received two new windows and a new stairs/deck for the entryway.  SW Lake we installed a new grey water drainage system.  

Monona Musky 
Planning for next years projects is in full swing, as we are gathering items already for the 2016 winter road. The warm fall may mean a late ice road this winter but who know how the weather will turn as winter progresses.  Until then enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!  

Good luck on the water...and in the woods everyone! 


18.5" Large Mouth