Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Punxsutawney Phil

Yesterday, the worlds most famous groundhog poked a nose out from his slumber and witnessed a shadow.  And according to Punxsutawney, we are in for six more weeks of winter.  However, don't fret and let the little critter get you down. History shows Mr. Phil is about as reliable as our local weatherman with a meager 39% accuracy rate.

sunset airplane
The airplane sees its shadow during this amazing sunset.
A cold long winter benefits Big Hook at least in one way; the winter road.  Basically, the more cold Mother Nature can unleash the better the road.  This winter has been no exception; plenty of frigid cold has settled in NW for some time creating excellent ice conditions.  Unfortunately, the last time I chatted with Sandy Lake Seaplane they informed me there was very little snow in the bush.  Limited amounts of snow means we will be in for one bumpy ride along the ice highway.

All of our goods have been purchased and await our pick up in Dryden, ON.  A new screened in porch for SW Lake, several new boats, and about 2 tons of lumber for new docks and countless other projects are just some of the items we plan on hauling this winter.  Also, an eight passenger van, that dad purchased last fall, will be making the voyage to Sandy Lake.

As usual, I'll try my best to document our expedition northbound.  With the help of a GO PRO camera I have a feeling I'll capture some great footage.  In years past, we have experienced exciting moments from vehicle brake downs to semi-trucks jack knifed across ice bridges to narrowly missing lethargic moose.

For those of you who are a little down from the cold weather,  I have posted a couple warm weather video's from this past summer.  The first video, is just a simple boat ride on glassy water. My brother and I enjoyed a warm relaxing ride down the west arm of Central Lake during an amazing sunset in August.  While the second, is a nice northern boated and released at SW Lake in mid July.  Now, just imagine yourself at Big Hook in true north amongst friends and family enjoying the outdoors.  See life is good.

Good luck on the water/ice everyone!