Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Anxious For "Spring."

Weather Woes 

Here in the greater Green Bay area we have witnessed only a small glimpse of spring since March 20th.  The snow is melting, robins have been spotted along with flocks of sandhill cranes and fisherman have been begun bobbing along the Fox River.  However, "spring" is a ways off in NW Ontario.  Just yesterday most of the area was blasted with a massive blizzard.  35-47 cm of snow (10-16 inches)  blanketed an already buried region.  Highways from Winnipeg all the way to Thunder Bay shut down due to the ferocity of this weather system.  

There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for NW Ontario as temperatures look to finally creep above the freezing mark. Beginning Thursday temperatures in the Sandy Lake area will be around 37 F.  These warmer temperatures will ensure a massive amount of snow melt and should create high waters for fisherman this spring.

Last spring Big Hook dealt with the highest water in recent memory.  However, within weeks the waters subsided and returned to normalcy.  The gushing rapids created some exciting spring time fishing for anglers.  Walleyes, suckers and pike all flocked to the massive rushing waters for weeks and created some great memories for fisherman.

New tackle for 2014 

Every winter during the sport shows I comb the isles for a new lure to test in the Big Hook waters.  The Echotail from Vibrations Tackle is a fresh addition to my tackle box for the 2014 season.  This blade bait looks like an amazing lure to persuade walleye. These baits are similar to Zip lures, however Echotails are extremely versatile with interchangeable tails. This unique feature provides fisherman the ability to create their own infinite color combinations.  

I am counting down the days to open water.  Hopefully within six weeks I'll be landing the ole 185 on Central Lake.  In the meantime, those of you who have open water....good luck on the water and keep wishing for warmer weather.