Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thats a wrap.

September has shown us that summer is still holding on. This month has been the most pleasant of the summer for us here at Big Hook Wilderness Camps. In all the nineteen years we have operated at Big Hook, this September has been the best. Temperatures have been averaging 74 degrees and light winds have made flying a delight.
In the past, September has always been a gamble for weather and fishing. Cooler temperatures during this month can cause lake turnover and shut down the fishing. On the other hand, a pleasant September can ignite the trophies and some of the biggest fish of the summer are caught.
This September, the fish have been responding quite well with the great weather. Both walleye and pike are deep, 20+' of water. Guests at Central, the week of 8/29-9/5, did very well vertical jigging in 20-25' with a 3/8 oz jig and twister. The hot twister tail color was a Yamamoto Blue. It was the first time I ever used that color of tail and it dominated the bite. When vertical jigging for walleye it is crucial to tie the jig directly to the line, DO NOT use a leader. It is a risk of getting bit off by a pike but you will catch many more fish.

This was our last week at Big Hook and now the boats are being flipped, the cabins painted and the year end projects are wrapped up. In the process of closing camps, I have had a chance to fish at Burnt and West. Both lakes produced an excellent pike bite. Using mostly a orange bladed bucktail with a black skirt, I managed to boat a 40.5" just west of the cabin at Burnt Lake.
Last Wednesday Dad, Andre and I worked putting a new foundation under South West Lake. Utilizing several jacks, the original foundation was ripped out and replaced with concrete block and pressure treated logs.

I would like to personally thank everyone for visiting us this summer. I know in a recession, times are tough and money is tight. However, I have found fishermen will persevere and continue to stalk the trophy pike and walleye despite the conditions. Once again, thank you everyone for a great 2009 season.

Good luck on the water in your fall/winter fishing expeditions. Please send us pics of your 2009 vacation and I can post them here on the blog.

Big Hook Wilderness Camps

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