Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A unique voyage.

Written by Evie Hartle:

On Saturday October 3rd, Steve and I had the opportunity to participate in a tour of the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). The tour began with a ride 30 KM down a restricted access gravel road on a school bus. This remote location, not far from Vermilion Bay, ON, has been in operation for over 40 years. The "ELA" has gained an international reputation for leadership and excellence in freshwater research. Every month, this unique facility hosts scientists from around the globe. Scientists worldwide come to NW Ontario to participate in various studies of the ecosystem and discuss results of hundreds of ongoing tests. Many studies analyze the effects of various chemicals introduced into aquatic ecosystems.

Steve and I enjoyed our day long field trip and learned a lot from the students and scientists. For more information on the Experimental Lakes Area, check out their web site at

www.experimentallakesarea.ca .

This was quite the eye opening experience. We never knew how important this site is and these studies simply would not be possible elsewhere.

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