Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get on the Water

It has been quite the warm fall thus far in the Midwest. In my opinion, this is a great time of year to get your boat out of storage and on the water. Generally, waterways this time of year are less crowded due to the fact kids are back in school and many people are switching their focus to hunting. Plus, this very well could be the last outing before temperatures plummet and snow begins to descend from the sky. Personally I prefer fishing from a boat rather than sitting in a shack watching a tip up.

Fall is also another great time to check out your local tackle shop for great deal on fishing gear and tackle. Often retailers will discount whats remaining of their summer stockpile to clear out space for hunting season and holiday products. Great brands to keep an eye on are: Shimano for fishing reels and St Croix for rods. I'll admit these brands are rarely discounted but watch the prices closely in the fall.

Now that the Big Hook fishing season is over Mom, Dad and I begin tackling the off season projects in preparation for the 2011 season. One big project for the winter is driving supplies up the winter ice highway. A large amount of planning is invested before driving the ice highway. The first step is discussing projects for camp in 2011 and figuring out what will be needed. The second step is allocating enough materials and goods from around NW Ontario for two trips up the ice road. The majority of the trips we have more goods than we can haul. The final step is transporting the goods, which usually takes ten days or so depending on the weather conditions.

Another big chunk of the "off season" is directed to the sport show tour. Our 2011 sport show dates are as follows:

All Canada - St Charles, IL -
Jan 13-16
Canada - Milwaukee, WI - Jan 20-23
All Canada -
Madison, WI - Jan 24-26
All Canada-
Green Bay, WI - Jan 27-30
Tinley Park, IL Feb 12-13
All Canada - Dallas TX -
Feb 25-27

We look forward to visiting with many of you during our sport show campaign. Good luck on the water everyone. I am already looking forward to the 2011 Big Hook season.
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