Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let the shows begin!

Sport Shows
This weekend is the kick off to the sport show season for Big Hook Wilderness Camps.  The first show of the tour is also the largest, Chicago Pheasant Run All Canada.  This show runs from the 13th-16th of January.  Visit All Canada's website for attractions, hours and directions.  The next stop for Big Hook is the All-Canada Milwaukee, which is running from January 20-23.  We hope to see many of you there.

Random News
I woke up this morning to see the temperature was a chilly -5 F on the thermometer; grimaced, poured myself another cup of hot coffee for breakfast and shuffled over to my laptop.  In my morning web crawl, I decided to see how the weather was faring up in the greater land of Sandy Lake and the Opasquia Provincial Park.  I must say it is a heat wave here in Minnesota compared to the current morning weather in Sandy Lake.  The air temperature was hovering around -34 Celsius (just about the same in Fahrenheit) with wind chills ranging from -38 to -48 C.  Needless to say, that's COOOOOOLD!

With the sub zero temperatures abound, Mother Nature should have no problem making ice for the winter highway this year.  Dad and I hope to journey northbound along the ice road around the first week of February.  We have plenty of goods and lumber to accompany us on the long journey.  Also, we have a new vehicle to shuttle around Sandy Lake that will be driven up.  Attached left is a pic of the beauty.  Should be interesting driving this one up the ice highway.

Finally, for you aviation enthusiasts.  In my early morning web browsing I stumbled across a rather informative weather site offered by NOAA.  It shows weather stations at all major airports in North America in real time, including some in our region in NW Ontario.  Click on the highlighted text for a very neat link to the NOAA site. You will notice the nearest weather stations are still a fair distance away from Big Hook camps.
Have a safe winter everyone.
Big Hook Wilderness Camps

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