Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week in Review

The cool weather certainly hasn't deterred the fish from biting.  All the camps are reporting excellent fishing despite cool temperatures. Last week (June 2nd-9th) brought warm sunny days that elevated the water temperatures into the mid sixties.  This warming trend kicked off a feeding frenzy in the fish that has carried over into this week.

As mentioned before, the past two days have been windy and cool with scattered showers and *gasp* snow.  Believe it or not, but we experienced about an hour of snow showers yesterday.  The fish however didn't seem to mind.  Most fish are still holding in the the shallows and in the current.  Few have migrated out to the rock points but the bulk of the schools are still holding in the shallow muddy bays.

The positive about cool weather is the lack of bugs.  I haven't witnessed a mosquito or black fly for several days. The bugs were sporty last week in the warm weather.  The black flies were driving moose into the water for great photo ops.  On a side note, we have been experiencing an amazing amount of swan sightings here in the north country.  Pairs of swans are now camped out on just about every lake.  Swans are very uncommon in this area. 

An eagle takes flight at Central. 
The perch have been active in the shallow bays where the cabbage weeds have been sprouting.  The narrows exiting into the north end of the lake has been exciting.  Thousands of fish are schooled below the moving water.
A south wind will bring huge walleye into Husker Rock on the west end this time of year.  Trolling shallow crankbaits like Shad Raps and Reef Runners along the rock and adjacent weedbed will boat a trophy.  The east rapids has produced several trophy pike already this week.
Everything is about the rapids right now at Cocos. Thousands of fish are schooled below both sets.  The water levels have dropped and shooting the rapids is more manageable now.  Shallow bays and creeks in the Sagawithewan river has been excellent for pike.  Fish patterns are holding to shallow wind swept bays.  Cocos has plenty to offer just start casting, if you find nothing within 10 minutes, motor over to the next bay.
Lemonade continues to impress all the fisherman with the amazing walleye fishery.  Guests this week have been focusing on the sauger and perch also in Lemonade.  Favourable has been producing excellent walleye off of Walleye Point.  Hole in the wall has held some pike in the 40" range.
Loon's on South lake. 
The big female walleye have been striking on trolled crankbaits this week.  The Rapala Original F18, Rattle Traps and Hot N Tots all have been boating some impressive fish.  Fish are still rather shallow.  Trolling the fresh sprouting weed lines is a great technique to boat those trophy fish.
The east arm of the lake has been electric. Chatted with two guests today and they boated close to 300 fish in one day.  Small jigs with yellow tails have been the bee's knees.  Trolling along the expansive flats is a great way to locate the schools.  One of my favorite spots this time of year is the tiny island just to the west of the camp.  You don't have to travel far in this lake to catch fish.
The "Fish Bowl" has been hot.  Focusing on the windy bays seems to be the tactic for finding the big pike.
The walleye have been mixed into the same areas and fisherman are connecting with large walleye while angling for pike.  The weeds are growing slowly but are holding fish.  The north end of the lake has yet to produce much for quality fish yet.  A little sunshine will change that quickly.

Good luck on the water everyone!

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