Monday, June 24, 2013

June 15th-22nd Report

Our continuous east wind is still prevalent here in the north country.  However, the old saying "Wind from the east; fishing is the least" is being thwarted.  Fisherman over the past week have raved about the fishing.  Some big fish were caught last week however, the staggering numbers reported showed fish were in full feeding mode. For example, the guests at Lemonade/Favourable boasted an impressive total of 2891 walleye for the week.  They chose not to count the pike because they were slimy.

Summer is in full swing, todays (june 23) temperatures peaked at 84 degrees. Water temperatures are steadily climbing into the mid sixties.  Once our water temps start flirting with the seventies we have to be on the lookout for the dreaded mayflies.  As of right now no sightings have been made.  Unfortunately, plenty of mosquito sighting have been reported. So as a helpful suggestion, bring bug spray and mosquito coils to keep the annoying insects at bay.

Weeds are starting to develop in most lakes but are far from mature.  Lilly pads are flowering, enticing moose into the shallow bays for great photo opportunities.


The climbing water temperatures have started to affect the walleye; as they are starting to hold on rock piles and wind blown points.  Plenty of fish can still be caught on mud flats and immature weed beds.  Most fish are still found in around 6-8 ft of water.  Trolling Hot N Tot's along windblown shorelines was a productive technique on Central Lake.  Some guests reported bigger fish staging on mud flats as the sun begins to set.

Hot lures:
Hot N Tot (blue/silver)
1/4 jig blaze orange with black tail
Reef Runner Lil Ripper shallow diver crystal


Pike are still wandering throughout most of the lake searching for weed beds to stage in.  Most fish are still chasing walleye in current and along mud flats.  My favorite tactic for pike this time of year is fishing the windiest muddy bay I can find on an overcast day.  Yes it is tough to hold the boat but one big fish makes it worth it. Tossing glide baits this time of year in the shallow mud can provide some amazing strikes from pike.  Utilizing a different approach, guests at Central had plenty of success with a fly rod for big pike around rapids.  Casting 4-6" streamers produced a 41", 37" and 35" fish standing on shore below the north rapids.

Hot Lures:
Johnson Silver Minnow
Bomber Long A White
Bucktail #8 colorado blade Black/Orange

Good luck on the water everyone! Start sending us some pictures of your latest Big Hook trip and I'll post them on the blog.

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