Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The ice road cometh.

The Ice Highway 
The winter road to Sandy Lake is open for business, and has been for several weeks now.  As you are well aware, most of the north has been experiencing frigid temperatures this winter; the Sandy Lake area has been no different.  Arctic air began hammering NW Ontario in early December and has not relinquished its frosty grip.  Temperatures (not including wind chill) have dipped as low as -42 degrees F. 

Snow accumulation has been minimal due to such cold temperatures.  Little snow and plenty of cold results in ample amount of ice for the winter road.  A minimum of 22" of ice is necessary for transport operation on the winter highway to Sandy Lake. One of the latest reports had most lakes with 30+" of ice.  Thus, semi's full of fuel and building supplies have been shuttling to the remote communities since mid January.  Word is, the ice road is in terrific shape and transport times have been quicker than most years. 

Dad and I are planning our yearly endeavour up the ice highway next week.  Eight new yamaha four strokes, building supplies and propane are just some of the items we are planning on transporting to Sandy Lake.  As usual, I'll bring along the trusty video camera to hopefully capture some entertaining footage.  

Tinely Park Show

Big Hook will be in the greater Chicago area.  Stop by to visit Heidi and I at Tinely Park High School this weekend (Feb 8 & 9).  Visit this link for more show information: www.tinleyparkfishingshow.com/ .  We hope to see you there. 

Good luck on the ice or open water (if you are lucky enough to have some) this winter. 

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