Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pollen Skies

Central Lake afternoon
There is an old fisherman's adage "When the pollen falls from the skies, fishing gets good."  Over the past several days the pollen has been thick.  A yellow veil has coated the lakes here in the Opasquia Park lately.  While flying throughout the park gusty winds lift the pollen into the skies so cloudy that you'd swear a forest fire has started.  Oh and yes, the fishing has been pretty good.

The weather is finally on the warming trend.  Warmer weather means warming water, which means the fishing is warming up.  After a cool start to the season, the future forecasts are favorably showing temperatures holding above 70 degrees for the first time this summer.

Hopefully the summer remains warm, so we don't need to chop
any more wood. 
A cool damp spring had kept a specific winged species at bay. However, the recent warmth has invigorated them.  I think you all know what I am referencing....bugs.  Yes, the black flies and mosquitoes have popped.  Don't forget your bug spray or coils for the next couple weeks. Let us hope the next couple weeks stay dry and then bugs should dissipate quickly.


The weeds in most lakes are finally beginning to grow.  Some Lilly pads have even been spotted in back bays.  Fish will begin to traverse away from the open mud flats towards the weedy bays over the next couple weeks.  

Water temperatures were on the rise today with plenty of sunshine booming down from the sky.  Most areas around Central are holding above 62 degrees and rising.  It's still early and there is no evidence of Mayflies.  


The weather hasn't seemed to affect the walleye, huge numbers are still holding in shallow waters.  Plan on hunting in 4-8 ft of water, around areas of current or on windblown mud flats.  I like to pitch small jigs (1/8 oz) and short twister tails (2-3") this time of year, pick your color.  Trolling shallow diving cranks along the muddy flats is a great way to locate the schools.  Walleye will continue to hold in these areas until the may fly hatch. 


The cool spring has altered the pike much more than the walleye.  The lack of sunshine baked warm bays are holding the majority of big fish out of the shallows.  The majority of trophies have been found hanging on the deeper edges of the mud flats alongside the walleye schools.  Silver spoons, smaller buck tails, and single hooked rubber shad baits have seemed to trick the big boys into biting.  Areas of deeper immature weed beds have also been effective.  The warm days will bring the big ole females into the shallows quickly as the bait fish will flock to the muddy flats.  After chatting with several groups today, the warm sun this morning has the trophies already moving back into the shallows.  

Welcome our new pilot Fred from Belgium 
Big Hook has a new employee joining us all the way from Belgium.  Fred, a pilot, arrived last week and will be assisting us this summer.  So please give Fred a big North American welcome.   
Good luck on the water everyone!

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