Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cool weather, Hot fishing

Ready to move guests 5 am Saturday morning
The cool weather trend continues here at Big Hook Camps.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer as today's high is topping out at a very mild 52 degrees. North and East winds are a primary culprit of keeping the temperatures down lately.  However, warmer weather is being forecasted and some nice days were peppered in throughout June, but nothing like we have had in the past.  

As a result of the cooler weather, fishing patterns and weed growth are mimicking mid to early June.  The weed beds have begun to grow, however most beds are still laying low and/or sparse in the water column.  Today at Central Lake the surface temperature is hovering around a mild 61 degrees. One should also note there have been no signs of the notorious Mayfly. They usually grace us with their presence around this time of year.  The Mayfly will typically hatch when surface temperatures reach 70 degrees. 
West portage at Central Lake 

The walleye are still active and feeding like crazy.  A couple of fishing reports from yesterday confirms that statement.  Two guests at Central boated 150 fish EACH on the south end.  Fishing were feeding so fast and furious that one of the guys caught two fish on ONE crankbait! Another report from South Lake boasted 120 walleye in an afternoon with one topping at 27.5". The fish were stacked in the far SE narrows and hitting on jigs with yellow tails.  

Jigs are still the weapon of choice when hunting walleye.  1/4 oz heads with 3 or 4 inch tails (white, brown, black, yellow and flouro orange).  Fish are still holding shallow in roughly 6-10 ft of water.  The majority of fish are still located in rapids and mud flats.  Although, some are starting to migrate to rock reefs and points.  If you get tired of jigging, try pitching some Shad Raps in the rapids or troll them along the edges of weeds for great results.

More and more sauger are being caught
The northern have been hot and cold like the weather.  On nicer days they are in the shallows chasing bait fish and are extremely active. Then, on the cooler days their patterns have been in deeper water around rock reefs.  For example, yesterday was 72 degrees with blue bird skies at Cocos and they boated a 45", 38" and 34" in a shallow just across from the rapids.  Today in the cool wet weather, guests have reported catching pike jigging on 15 ft reefs.  Most fish are still chasing smaller spoons with the cooler water.  Lots of pike are being caught on jigs while fishing for walleye.  Pike will get more active, chasing fast bucktails and slash baits as the water warms throughout the summer.  

Hot lures thus far this week:
Walleye: 1/4 oz jig with a black tail
Pike:  3/4 oz silver spoons with a white twister tail trailer.

Good luck on the water everyone.

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