Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Christmas can be one of the most exciting times for a fisherman. Dropping hints and gift ideas weeks before that gleeful day to your significant other for that new fishing rod, depth finder, tackle box etc etc etc, can be a lot of fun. As weeks pass counting down to Christmas, it is common to snoop around the house examining closet spaces and attic corners. There can be only so many places someone can hide a fishing rod, right? Then on Christmas morning, one has overwhelming anticipation unwrapping glorious "unknown" gifts. With the enthusiasm of a five year old one violently tears through the wrapping paper, while the better half just sits admiring your child like tenancies.
Of course that scenario may only apply to me, but as I mentioned before Christmas is one of the best times of the year for fisherman. Stores offer super combo discounts (rod, reel & line), in store rebates and buy one get one free deals.
Remember to be extremely specific when asking for fishing items for Christmas. Stores contain thousands and thousands of items, most of varying in minuscule increments. Fishing rods for example range from light action to extreme heavy action and vary often in 3-6" increments.

Here are a couple of items on my wish list for the up and coming fishing season at Big Hook Camps.

Power Pro #50 green braided line for pike. No stretch on this
line results in excellent hooks sets.

Yozuri Hybrid Fluorocarbon line 6# smoke color. Little line memory means less line tangles.

Shimano Compre 6'6" Medium Heavy Baitcasting Pole. An all around great pike rod.

Eagle portable depth finder. The best way to fish a new body of water is using a depth finder. Sure they weigh a bit but it will make your next fishing trip so much more productive.

I am sure I'll think of many many more fishing items and I'll post them as Christmas Day approaches.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

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