Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guest Testimonial for Soutwest Lake

Hope the holiday season is treating everyone well. Temperatures are falling throughout the USA and snow is beginning to accumulate. This time of year is when most people begin to yearn for future fishing trips. This week we received a wonderful testimonial on fishing at Southwest Lake at Big Hook Wilderness Camps and I thought it would be great to share it with everyone. Our thanks to Paul and the family for this great article.

"Hello Steve, Evie & Nathan,
I have fished all of Big Hook's Lakes. Each is different and great in its own way. My favorite lake
is Southwest Lake. My first visit to Southwest was in 1988 with my son, Adam. Since then I figure I
have spent 26 weeks there. Southwest Lake is a wonderful family lake, over the years all of my
children, several of my grandchildren plus other young people and old fishing buddies have spent time
there. My youngest Eli at age eight has been our youngest party member. The cabin is terrific
for larger groups as it has an extra room for both storage and sleeping quarters.
Southwest Lake is about 11 miles long and maybe 1 mile wide at the widest point, it has many long
narrow arms which provides shelter on rough days. It is a user friendly lake. Beautiful shore lines with
a few areas of sandy bottom for swimming. The fishing is outrageous. We catch walleyes all day long
in great numbers. The challenge is to catch larger ones. Our biggest walleyes out of Southwest have
been in the 25" range. There are lots and lots of pike in Southwest also. We catch many while fishing
for walleye. Most are small, but we have caught a number in the 10-15 pound range. There is also
some good perch fishing and we have managed to catch a few whitefish over the years.
The remoteness of Big Hooks lakes make for an excellent wilderness experience and the best fishing
I have found anywhere in Ontario."
Paul Reid

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