Monday, November 9, 2009

A Tasty Dish

Since it is the off season for us here at Big Hook Wilderness Camps fishing reports from the outposts are pretty much nonexistent. However, most of you may still be getting out on the water and enjoying the mild fall we have been experiencing. Hopefully the waters are being kind and fish are cooperating.
For, those of you who have fish in the freezer and just don't know how to prepare them, have I got a recipe for you. I just stumbled across this tasty fish marinade about a month ago. Ideally it is for stronger tasting fish such as salmon and trout but it does work with walleye and pike. I hope you enjoy this tasty marinade as much as my family has.
Here is a quick link for the recipe at

Halibut/Salmon Marinade Recipe #10410
Fish Marinade

1 day | 10 min prep


  1. Mix ingredients together.
  2. Place in flat tupperware container and store in refridgerator.
  3. Marinate 6-24 hours .
After it is done marinading I like to slap it on the grill skin side down or place it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Enjoy!
Good luck on the water to all.
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