Monday, April 19, 2010

Heat Wave

Mother nature has brought warm temperatures to the north this spring. The last few days have been pushing 70 degrees in the Eagle Lake area. The same is for Sandy Lake and the Opasquia Provincial park. Water in the north continue's to be extremely low due to lack of precipitation. Eagle Lake itself is about one foot low, while waters in the Opasquia park are pushing two feet down. If no precipitation arrive's soon the NW Ontario could see some early fire bans, we will keep you posted.
Low water and warm temperatures could change the fishing patterns for the spring. The walleye and pike will likely spawn earlier due to the warmer water temperatures. Weed growth will boom also, creating some nice beds for pike to ambush their prey in. The fish could be at deeper depth's than you are normally accustomed to fishing due to the increased water temperatures. Motorist's BEWARE, a number of reefs/rocks could now be hittable due to the low water. So be careful your first time down the lake and keep your eyes open for new structures.

On a separate note, the Real Outdoor Destination's Ontario episode featuring Big Hook Wilderness Camps has been posted to You Tube. Those of you who didn't catch it on the initial airing, visit this link:

With this great weather, now is the time to get out and test all your gear and make sure it is up to par. Enjoy some spring fishing.
Good luck on the water everyone and remember to throw the big one's back.
Big Hook Wilderness Camps

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