Tuesday, April 6, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Big Hook Tourney Pick'em. Congrats to Zeke for the top spot and taking home the Flip Book video camera. This years tourney was one of the best I can remember. Butler had a chance to be the Cinderella team. It is great to see a championship game come down to a last second shot.
Second, GeoCaching is an underground hobby that is exploding throughout the world. Big Hook wants to offer all fellow GeoCacher's a chance to explore the Opasquia Provincial Park. Throughout the summer I'll be placing caches throughout the park, some easy to find and others a little more difficult. GeoCaching is a perfect side activity during a week of vacation. Those of you unfamiliar with this new trend the basic concept is a treasure hunt with a GPS. For more information and to stay updated on Big Hook's caches visit:

Finally, Mother Nature is being kind to us this spring with warm temperatures throughout March and April. Ice is already beginning to shift around and crack according to many sources in Ontario. It is looking to be an early ice out this spring, the first in many years for Big Hook. Water levels are still extremely low due to lack of snow. With low waters new submerged reefs are revealed. If the lake you are visiting is low, be careful boating on the first day. Many reefs will appear that you have never seen before!
I, like many other fishermen, have noticed the warm temperatures and spring fever has struck. This is a good time of year to check your fishing equipment i.e. change you line, grease your reels and look at the guides on your rods. For fishing line there are tons of options. My favorite for walleye is 6# P-Line mono filament and for pike 40# Power Pro. If you are having trouble with line curl and memory try spraying your spool with Reel Magic line spray. It works wonders for line memory. As for servicing your reel, take your spool off and make sure there is no grit and dirt underneath. Take note if your bail flips adequately, is there grinding in the bearings? All of these symptoms are an easy fix. Also, spray a little WD-40 on the internals to ensure dirt displacement. As noted before, make sure to check all the guides on your fishing rod. One little nick in a guide can snap line in a heartbeat, which means a lost picture opportunity. Your local fishing shop can aid you in your spring cleaning of fishing equipment.

Good luck to all in your spring fishing endeavors. Remember to throw the big ones back and we will be seeing you soon in the great white north.

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