Monday, August 2, 2010

Big Hook Fishing Report Week 10

Temperatures have been quite warm throughout the past week. Sunny clear mornings followed with thunderstorms in the afternoon has us in the great white north feeling like it is Florida. Most guests at Central are taking advantage of the warm water with an afternoon dip to cool off. Amazingly, loads of walleye are huddled up under our floating docks dodging the sunlight. I recorded water temperatures around 74 degrees down to approximately 6 feet.
Surprisingly, walleye are still holding throughout the water column. Fish have been caught as shallow as 4 ft and as deep as 20 ft. The larger walleye are holding on points close to deep water access or rocky shoals. Jigging has been most effective with Berkley Gulp or just plain white twister tails. The largest walleye last week were boated and released on West and South , tied at 29". Many 24-27" walleye were reported throughout all the other outposts.
Pike are holding tight to weedbeds most days. However, on sunny calm mornings and afternoons you will find many many fish following up to the boat. If you see a fish follow to the boat and it doesn't take on a figure eight, try dropping a jig on a leader. You will be quite surprised with the results. I find hot calm days to be very difficult fishing for pike. On these days I prefer attacking pike in the afternoons and early evenings, especially with top water baits and bucktails. Find you favorite weed bed and wait for the fire works to happen. Top water strikes can be unpredictable and very exciting. Rattle traps are great lures to toss on rock piles in deeper water while the sun in high in the sky. Central and West tied for largest pike for the week at 43.5". One fish was boated on a white musky killer and the other on a soft plastic swim bait covered with a water proof band aids of all things! Attached right is a pic of the lucky lure.
Fishing Tip
Typically, August is the month when walleye begin their dive to deeper depths. It is common for fish to hold in water around 20 ft. Jigging is the primary tactic to reach walleye in deeper waters. Several crankbaits such as Shad Raps, Wally Divers, Hot N Tot's and Reef Runners reach to depths of 16 feet. Great colors are blue and silver, flouro orange and fire tiger. Troll these slowly along deeper mud flats and rocky shores. If you happen to catch a fish try turning around and making another pass. If the fish continue to bite, consider dropping some jigs on the school of walleye. Remember walleye will school up in like sizes. If you happen to boat a 20" walleye chances are some big fish are holding throughout the area.

Good luck on the water everyone. Please remember Big Hook has a NO trophy take out policy. All walleye over 18" must be released and all northern over 27.5" must be released.
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