Friday, March 25, 2011

Interesting Article

Here is an article from Field and Stream On-Line that discusses 30 great new instant classic lures. A number of the lures are irrelevant for fishing at Big Hook. However, several look rather intriguing and a couple are a staple in my tackle box.  Click the highlighted text above for the article.

Lures mentioned that in my tackle box are:

  • The ever popular Bulldawg.  Many of you know that I am a firm believer in this lure, it consistently produces trophy fish for me in the months of July, August and September. However, there are drawbacks such as durability (it only takes one 24" pike to rip the tail off) and price tag (around 13-17 bucks). 
  • I have tried the Sebile Magic Swimmer.  The lure looks fantastic gliding though the water, however it has yet produce great numbers for me.  Perhaps I'll give it another go this summer.  
  • The Gulp minnow is a staple for walleye, don't leave home without it on a trip to Big Hook.  
  • The Zoom Fluke is a great rig for early spring pike.  Twitching a texas rig in the shallow mud flats will produce great pike and even walleye action. 
  • The Bomber Salt A is a close cousin to my favorite pike lure Bomber Long A magnum.  The gold or silver colors are a must.
  • Reef runner makes quality baits.  The color combo posted in the article is effective in our tea stained waters. 
  • The Yozuri crystal minnow is a great spring walleye lure.  The blue silver color combo has been good to me in the past. 

A couple of lures on the list that I'll be purchasing for this summer are the:

  •  Salmo Hornet-looks very similar to my favorite walleye trolling lure the Shad Rap. 
  • The Lucky Craft Sammy could be a lot of fun for pike on calm nights. The upturned nose could provide awesome walk the dog action. 
  • The Cavitron Buzz Bait could be another top water winner.  
  • The Live Target Crawfish Crank looks to fit the bill for walleye.  Crayfish are one of the primary forages for walleye in our waters.  I fore see this bait becoming a quick favorite.   
So many lures so little time.  Good luck on the water everyone.  Remember to practice CPR (catch, photo and release). 
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