Friday, April 15, 2011

Loss of a quality establishment

Those of you who frequent NW Ontario often are most likely familiar with the Village Corner in Vermilion Bay.  It was one of the last stops for travelers before venturing up HWY 105 to Red Lake.  This restaurant/gas station was a great establishment that offered everything from fishing gear to heaping portions of food.  

Unfortunately, last fall the local business caught fire and burned beyond repair.  Everything was a total loss in the gas station and the restaurant.  Cause of the fire was believed to be an electrical short. Locals were hoping to have the business rebuilt for the 2011 season, however it looks as if the Village Corner will not be operating anytime soon. 

For travelers looking to refuel in the Vermilion Bay area have the option of Bobby's just 2 miles west on Hwy 17.  Just like the Village Corner, Bobby's offers fuel, has a great selection of fishing tackle (rather expensive, in my opinion) and gift store.  Neighboring Bobby's is now Busters Barbecue Restaurant, not a bad place for lunch with large portions and a great tasting sauce.  The local BBQ sauce has won so many taste competitions that a national distributor out of California agreed to supply groceries stores throughout the USA.  Keep your eyes open for Busters Blueberry BBQ sauce.  I have already seen the product on the shelves in several towns throughout Wisconsin.  

2011 Ice Watch
Now is the time of year Big Hook starts getting out the blow dryers and heating elements to melt the ice covering our bodies of water.  As of April 12, 2011 17 inches of ice still covered Eagle Lake, ON.  Up north in the Sandy Lake area, the snow is melting quickly, however ice is still clinging to the shores.  Cool temperatures in the region are slowing the melt off.  Massive amounts of snow this past winter suggests that we will have high water this spring throughout the Opasquia Provincial Park.  As every spring, Big Hook is thinking warm thoughts.  
(Attached right is a couple of photos taken while trout fishing on Eagle Lake April 10th, 2011). 

Hope the spring is treating everyone well.  
Remember to practice (catch, photo, release) CPR.  

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