Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Fever...continued.

May is a surreal time of year for a resort owner.  The anticipation for the up and coming fishing season is almost overwhelming.  In our case, making sure all the necessities for the 2011 season are purchased is a top priority.  Once at the resort it is tough to go shopping at the store down the street; especially when considering that store is almost 200 miles away.

Eagle Lake ice
A lot of attention is now focused on Mother Nature and more particularly the ice.  An early ice out is always appreciated.  A long cold winter created plenty of stubborn ice, on some lakes ice was recorded at close to 40 inches thick.  It was close to record year for the local trucking companies on the ice roads to Sandy Lake.  However, warm temperatures in NW Ontario over the past week put a formidable dent in the ice.  Ice in the Dryden area has been reduced to floating slush. (Attached right is a pic of the ice on Eagle Lake).

This weekend a rather wicked low pressure has traversed through NW Ontario brining plenty of snow/rain.  Snowfall totals in Sandy Lake have surpassed 4 inches and is still accumulating.  The large amount of precipitation will only raise the already high water in the area.  The back side of this low pressure is dragging plenty of wind which will aid in ice break up.  Also, looking at the forecasts warmer temperatures (50-60F) are to return to the area next week.  Coupled with the warm temperatures last week we should be on track for an on time season opener.
Rapala Shad #5

I'll keep everyone posted with ice out updates. I have all my equipment sorted, reels freshly lined and greased and ready to hit the water.  Attached are a couple pictures of lures I just bulked up in my tackle box that I think will be really effective this summer.

Reef Runner Lil Ripper
Good luck on the water to everyone.  It is only a couple of weeks until I can start posting fishing reports.
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  1. Better stay in for the meantime with that kind of weather. Its scary with the water rumbling like that. Fish will be there when the sun decides to show up more often.