Friday, July 15, 2011

Bring Your Weedless

The heat and dry weather is still camped out over the Opasquia Provincial Park.  With the exception of Monday, which we saw a splash of rain, temperatures have hovered around 85-90 degrees.  The outlook is more of the same hot, dry weather.  The fire ban is still in place.  No outside fires are allowed.  Burning inside the stove is permissible along with using the fish cookers.

A West Lake 42.5" Pike
Water levels are still dropping due to lack of rain, evaporation and rapids outflow.  Be careful boating! New rocks are strikable with the low low water.  Weed beds are flourishing with the sunny skies and low water.  Raid your tackle box for weedless lures.  Johnson silver minnows, top water baits, Berkley Hollow Body's, and bucktails all are great for maneuvering through and over the thick foliage.  When a pike strikes in the thick weeds constant pressure and even a little force is a must to avoid a spit hook.  Pike are notorious for throwing the hook while battling in the slop. 
West Lake Walleye

I knew the Mayflies would strike back right after I stated in a previous blog "the may fly hatch is over and gone." South and West Lake experienced a second hatch last Tuesday. Fortunately, the walleye have still been aggressive.  Due to the hot weather, walleye have been slowly descending through the water column.  Fish have been found as deep as 20 ft.  Jigging over reefs and rocky points has been the most effective techniques.  Trolling a wind blown shorelines with a Hot N Tot or a Shad Rap is yielding results.

Pike are hunkered down in the slop challenging fisherman to come and get them.  Numerous fisherman have also reported fish holding around rocky points.

Hot spots for the majority of the lakes are the same as my last report.  Remember to focus on the windy shoreline.  Pick out a wind swept rocky shoal or a weed bed.  Two days of wind beating a shoreline will stack up bait fish and predators will follow.    

Hot Lures:
Pike: Johnson silver minnow, Mepps Musky Killer, Top Raider
Walleye:  Flouro green Hot N Tot, 3/8 oz jig with yellow twister.

Good Luck on the water everyone!
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