Sunday, July 31, 2011

All quiet on the Western front.

It was a quiet week from July 23rd-29th.  The majority of Big Hook was closed due to civil orders from the MNR requiring camps to be shut down because of the threat of forest fires.  Not much fishing occurred last week so the big topic of this blog will be the status of the fires burning in NW Ontario.  Truly, the fire status can be summarized down to one sentence.  As of yesterday, the fires affecting us in the Opasquia Provincial Park are 95% down and out.  Dad and I spent much of last week surveying the park and the puffs of smoke determining if there was any real threat.  The sufficient rain that fell last week took away any doubt about reopening the camp to guests.  

Temperatures have remained warm, however several large rain clouds sat over the Opasquia Park last week dousing us for hours.  The rain was welcomed by all.  The water levels did not drop last week with the sufficient precipitation.  On a side note, the MNR lifted the fire ban in NW Ontario.  However, the bush is still very very dry so be vigilant if you have a camp fire.  Make sure all embers are out before you leave the fire unattended. I would not recommend any burning on a windy day. 

As far as fishing is concerned, I would expect walleye's to be continuing their decent to deeper waters.  15-20 ft have been optimal in years past around this time.  I have several guiding afternoon's lined up this week and will be able to better report where the walleyes are holding.  Pike are scattered and prowling everywhere from rocks to the edges of weeds.  As I have reported before, the weedbeds are extremely thick due to the low water and sunny skies.  Weedless lures and top water baits are the best to combat the foliage.  

Good luck on the water everyone.
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