Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Hook News and Fishing

Last week brought plenty of wind and water to the Opasquia Provincial Park.  Numerous rain fronts doused the area heavily.  Fires are still burning to the south around the Red Lake area.  However around the park, 99% of the fires are out.   Guests traveling into the Red Lake area will notice smoke in the air.  As of right now, smoke is undetectable in the Opasuia Park.  With the several days of rain, the water levels have remained stable the past two weeks.

Dad and I have been extremely busy making preparations for the Burnt Lake Project.  We are hoping to begin building within the next two weeks.  Aircraft's are lined up and ready to haul in the cabin once we receive clearance from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) on the new building site.
Some fishing tidbits
I wish I could say fishing was simple last week, however Mother Nature provided some challenging winds.  Those who could hold a boat on the windy shorelines in about 15' of water were rewarded with ample fish and wet feet from waves over the transom.  The winds had both walleye and pike pinned to the rocky points and shorelines.  If a spot contained several walleye, a big pike was guaranteed to be prowling the area.  A great technique for catching both species was having the motorist jig while the other fisherman tossed a deep diving crank bait for pike.
Weed beds were on the slow side last week.  The fish preferred the rocky points with deep water nearby.
Water temperatures are still very warm, hence the fish have been descending to deeper depths.  Start fishing walleye at 12 ft and work your way deeper for best results.  A depth finder is essential this time of year.

Wreck Island and Frisco bay yielded numerous quality walleye.  The windblown shoals topping at 12 ft on the north end of the lake were also effective.  The north  narrows should start producing trophy pike any day.  The east portage will continue to produce trophy walleye until year end.  

The rapids is low and very navigable.  Trolling deep cranks along the rapids channel will boat quality fish.  Heading southbound down the Sagawicthewan river seemed to be the most productive.  The deeper holes two to three miles down the river were holding plenty of fish.
Pike alley will hold some nice pike this time of year.  Trolling the south side of the Three Sisters in 15-20 ft of water is effective for walleye.  Walleye  Point is another productive spot.  The outflow of the Severn River before Shallow NO Go has been producing awesome pike action.
The deep water near camp has been hot.  The small island on the west shore a stones throw from camp had fish everywhere.  Look for windblown points with 15 ft of water for those trophy's.
As usual the fish factory produced.  Fish really truly are on just about every point.  More sizable fish have been boated around the Twin Towers and the north finger.  It has been difficult navigating the east end of the lake due to low water.  Weeds are extremely thick and choke the propeller instantly.
Visited the guests this morning 8/7 and as we taxi'd up with the airplane they were releasing a 40" pike boated right from the rock.  Many many nice fish have been boated and released there. The fish bowl has been somewhat disappointing with fish seeking deeper water.  A couple of cool days will return fish to the area.  Reefs on the north end of the lake along the east shoreline have been hot for trophy walleye.

Hot Lures: Walleye: 3/8 oz jig with flouro orange or pink twister, 15' Reef Runners  Pike: Depth Raider black, black bucktails, bulldawgs.

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