Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer is holding on

Summer is still holding on here at Big Hook.  The mercury has been holding strong in the mid 70's in our final week of August.  In the past once September arrives, it's a crap shoot for the weather.  I have witnessed temperatures up to 90 degrees and been blanketed in snow.  One can tell the fall is about to grasp the area.  The birch trees are now yellow and just yesterday I had to avoid a flock of Sandhill Cranes flying south for the winter.  Several strong storms pushed through last night providing howling winds, a tad of hail and a ton of rain. Every bit of moisture that falls from the sky is rapidly absorbed into the ground.  I have yet to see any run off this summer.
The lake levels have been holding steady.  Albeit, lake levels are still 2-3 feet lower than normal.   The surface temperatures have been hovering around 64-68 degrees, which is quite warm for this time of year.  The warm water has been creating some odd fishing patterns for pike.  They are holding primarily in the deeper water but guests have found them in the weeds in short bursts.   It seems the fish are just coming into the weeds for short periods to feed and quickly darting back to the deeper water.  Trolling deeper running cranks was an effective technique to boating larger fish.

Walleye are best found in 20 ft of water. Jigging has been the most productive on reefs and shoals.  With walleye holding in deeper water it is crucial to have a depth finder to locate those rock humps.  Fishing without a depth finder in August can be extremely difficult.

Burnt Dad and I finished construction of the most crucial part of this outpost yesterday...the outhouse of course.  The new cabin is en route to Red Lake as we speak and will be shipped up via Wasaya's Hawker on Friday.  15000 pounds of lumber, roofing, nails, etc. will then need to be transferred to float plane.  I feel a sore back coming soon.  The sauna will be getting some use regularly next week.

27" walleye released on Central's East Portage

Central The east portage was a hot little lake last week.  A fat fat 27" walleye was boated and released, the lunker fell prey to a blue and silver Hot N Tot.  Several 30-35" pike were boated while trolling.  The narrows is beginning to heat up.  The weeds are starting to fall allowing fisherman to cast baits.  I see some intense top water action starting soon.

Cocos The Sagawitchewan has been the hot spot.  More particularly the SW section of the river towards Burnt Lake.  The weed beds near camp have been frustratingly slow.  In my opinion, as the cooler weather approaches pike will once again prowl these weeds.

South Who says you need to go far from camp to catch fish? Some of the hottest spots were just a stones throw from the dock.  The island just 300 yards north of camp held the most fish.  Weed beds in the NE bay from camp were also dynamite.

Southwest Hundreds of 16-20" walleye were the story from SW last week.  As usual, every rocky point and deeper hole held fish.  Four moose were also spotted roaming the lake.  The NW arm held the larger fish.    

West The "fish bowl" was for once the slow half of the lake.  The deeper north half was hands down more productive.  Larger fish were boated while trolling rock reefs and ledges.  The Horseshoe has still been producing quality fish.

Good luck on the water everyone! Remember to practice catch and release.

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