Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mid August Monsters

And boom just like that we are in the middle of August.  It is head spinning how quickly the season blazes past.  It seems like I was just flipping boats and battling frost heave's.  Fortunately, the end isn't here just yet, there are still 4 great weeks of fishing left in the 2011 season.

The daylight is getting shorter and the birch trees are even beginning to change color.  Temperature wise the days have been warm with cooler nights.  Great sleeping weather! It has been very common to see lake fog for a bit every morning.  The Northern Lights have been astounding on the cool clear nights around midnight.  Just peer to the north and look for the dancing colors.

The weather the past several days has been warm 75-80 with calm winds.  Water temps have been hanging in the 68-70 degree range. The water is heated through quite deep.  I personally believe the nice weather is for the dogs for fishing.  The nastier the weather the better the fishing, or am I just a glutton for punishment?  I love days just before the leading edge of a low pressure front.  Because on bright, sunny, calm high pressure days those pike will become following machines.  More often than not they will just follow to the boat, smile and turn away teasingly.
Fishing Patterns 
Walleye patterns have been fairly consistent throughout the lakes.  Most walleye are hunkered down in deeper water.  The sizable females are holding in 20+.  Plenty of fish can be caught between 15-20 ft but those big girls are prowling in the depths. Wind blown shorelines and points have been effective locations.  Anything with deeper water nearby.  With the water temperatures  I have been pulling lil ripper Reef Runners, which dive about 16-18ft until I catch a fish, then immediately turn around with jigs.

At least on Central, the pike have been boycotting the weed beds.  Guests were skunked on every attempt.  However, the rock piles were on fire.  Pike are chasing walleye throughout the water column.  With cooler nights coming the pike will eventually return to the foliage.  Other lakes had more positive reports with boating pike from weeds.

This time of year the narrows on the north end will be the go to location, however that hasn't been the case.  8 fish between 35-39 inches were boated on BIG crankbaits all off of rock piles.  The rolling reefs throughout the north end of the lake have been prime locations.
The deep water in the SW end of the Sagawitchewan river was the prime location for ample walleye.  The rapids remains navigable.  Water is still dropping throughout the lake.  The rapids will hold fish throughout the year into the fall.
39" was the big pike for the week and 27" was the big walleye.  Lemonade lake has begun to get weed choked as is usual for this time of year.  The deeper water on Favorable close to camp is my prime stomping grounds for big walleye this time of year.
South put together another impressive resume not only for big walleye but also big pike.  Three thirty inch wally's were boated and released along with pike topping out at 40".  Those big fish were boated in deep water around 30 ft.  Rattle Traps and jigs were effective baits.
The boys at SW were able to find the big pike notching many over 30" up to 38".  The fish factory pumped out the usual plethora of walleye 16-18".  Points nearby camp held many fish, whereas the deeper water on the north end of the lake held some of the larger fish.    
The big fish of the week was caught right off the dock, go figure.  Who says the best fishing is on the far end of the lake?  The fish bowl was slow with the fish harboring in deeper waters.  Reefs east and north of camp were the hotspots.  The Horseshoe was a producer in the evening hours.

Hot Lures
Walleye: Rattle Traps, lil Ripper Reef Runners, as usual jigs
Northern:  Depth Raider, bulldawg, bucktails, suicks, Bomber Long A Magnum (gold)

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