Friday, July 12, 2013

In search of rain

It has been hot, dry and windy the past several weeks here in the Opasquia Provincial Park.  I don't mean to jinx everyone's up and coming weeks but I have been performing the rain dance the past several days.  Temperatures have been climbing into the high eighties for quite a while now causing plenty of water from the lakes to evaporate.  Evaporation, coupled with plenty of water exiting through rapids and streams have caused the lakes water levels to drop substantially.

Central Lake has the lowest water of all the lakes, thus future guests need to be extra alert while navigating the waterways.  Rain has been often forecasted however, little to none has made it to the surface.  The lack of rain also means guests should be extra careful when having shore lunch or bonfires.  Please, please make sure the fire is completely extinguished before you leave it unattended.  The backcountry and woods is in an extremely dry state.  


Walleye are beginning to hold more on wind blown points and rock reefs.  Daytime water temperatures on mudflats are getting up to 75 degrees which is much too warm for walleye.  Most fish have been found in 8-16 ft of water. Jigging is still the most effective way to find large numbers of walleye.  A 3/8 oz jig with a pumkinseed Gulp was the hot lure at Central last week.  For crankbaits, we have been having excellent results with the firetiger Berkley Flicker Shad.

South Lake 38" pike. 
Pike are holding tight to weed beds and have begun striking top water action aggressively.  My favorite tactic to catch big pike is topwater action on calm evenings.  Zara Spooks and Dancing Raiders are my two favorite topwater lures.  I always get too excited when I see a fish blow up on the surface and set the hook before the fish latches on.  Bucktails and Johnson Silver Minnow are two other lures in my tackle box that I use when combatting thick weed beds.

The Ridge and Big Boy Bay are still two great spots for pike.  Walleye are still hold around weeds in the southern half of the lake.  Perch have been spotty, but can been found in the thickest part of weed beds with small jigs. The rock reef just in front of camp, literally 400 yards, produced many nice walleye.

The north narrows is the place to be for big pike right now.  Cast until your heart's content in that spot, the weeds are thick this year so plan on using Johnson Silver Minnows or Top water baits.  Hippo rock has held some great number of walleye and pike.

As usual, you can find plenty of fish holding around the rapids.  Both sets are easily navigable, just use caution when shooting the rapids for rock hazards.  The Sagawitchewan river has plenty of mature weed beds now to cast for pike.  Guests last week boasted an impressive 44" pike just north of camp on the rock pile before the rapids.

Guests last week poured all of their efforts into fishing Lemonade Lake, with great success.  Their motto was "Why leave when the fish are biting?"  Favourable's weed beds should be holding some nice toothy pike.  Pike Alley would be a great place to begin your quest for a trophy northern.

Start focusing your efforts just a bit deeper for the trophy walleye at South Lake.  The Three Sisters Reef was an excellent producer.  Also, trolling the southeast narrows held plenty of 27+" fish.  Pike have been on the slim side since walleye fisherman have dominated the past couple of weeks.  Hot lure was the firetiger Shad Rap #7.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers is what SW posted.  Fish were holding on just about every single rocky point with 10ft of water. Yellow jigs and tails were the key color.  Many moose were spotted on the east narrows, keep your camera at the ready when boating around this area.

The Horseshoe continues its dominance for producing big pike at West.  The reefs on the north end of the lake are starting to hold many 22+" walleye.  Also, the narrows to the Fish Bowl has been very good.  Casting the narrows with bucktails is one of my favorite techniques to finding trophy northern.

Good luck on the water everyone.

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