Monday, June 23, 2014

Bring your bug spray.

Unfortunately the title of this blog is not an attempt at humor, the bugs are bad.  All the proper conditions have fallen into place this season for a bumper crop of mosquito's and black flies.  Cool, damp temperatures have created the perfect storm, so to speak.  Day time conditions are fine, but when the sun starts to set the buzzing begins.  The black flies and mosquitos should dissipate as the summer progresses along and as the temperatures warm.  So here is some simple advice for our guests.

  • Pack some bug spray that contains deet.
  • Head nets are a cheap alternative to spray and they keep the bugs from diving into your ears and face. 
  • Mosquito coils near entrances are great at keeping the bugs at bay as people enter and leave.  


A nice 35" pike caught in the Central Lake east rapids. 
The wind has been the main talk amongst the fishermen.  An east wind has blown for the last seven days now.  Immediately fishermen turn to the old saying "Winds from the west fishing it the best, winds from the east fishing is the least."  It holds true to some respect, however I find it alters the fishing patterns and I'll get to that later.  Most days last week held in the 60's with some light rain and drizzle.  Today, (June 23) is misty and cool around 48 degrees.  However,  a warming trend is finally in the forecast with temperatures jumping back into the 70's and 80's.  


As mentioned before the dominant winds has been an east wind for some time now.  Generally an east wind means cooler temps and unstable conditions in this neck of the woods.  I find fish don't quit feeding however they will tend to hold in deeper water when winds blow from the east.  I backed this theory up with some deep trolling of Shad Raps last Thursday.  Myself and a guest trolled one spot for five hours and boated around 70 fish.  All different species and sizes were caught and released.  10-15 ft was the magic depth along a big mud flat. We had tried the shallows earlier in the day and found them to be a complete waste of time.  

Some nice perch from Burnt Lake 
Now after saying all of that, the weather is supposed to warm and the sun should get those shallow bays back up and running.  The weed growth is still very minimal, although some areas are starting to show some green. 

Burnt Lake
Moose creek and the narrows have been the spots to note.  Great pike action last week, the pike seemed to be pushing the walleye off most the spots.  The perch bite was great around fallen timber and weed edges.

Central Lake
Husker Rock was on fire, trolling crankbaits about 100 feet away  in 10-15 ft of water produced some great aciton.  The south narrows was probably the second most productive spot for the week. 

Cocos Lake
The Burnt Lake rapids that flow in held some great fish.  The guests  last week boasted a 29" walleye along with many 23-25" fish.  They also boated and released dozens of pike ranging from 30-42".  With water levels hovering around normal the rapids are navigable.  The four gentlemen who arrived Saturday boated and released 192 pike in the first half day. 

Lemonade still is churning out those nice 18-21 inch walleye.  However, the guests last week were impressed with some decent perch and sizable sauger.  Favourable was producing nice pike in the bay south of hotspot #6.  Walleye Point and Pike alley were two other fish packed spots. 

South Lake  
The fish moved to deeper structure last week.  Guests had more luck fishing 12-20 for larger walleye. Some nice walleye were released near the outgoing rapids on the north end. Hot spots #1, 2 and 3 were top producers. 

Southwest Lake 
Here is a great stat for you.  8 guys, one day of fishing, total count....1000 fish.  Needless to say the fish are hitting.  Best spot was the narrows NW of the twin tower rocks. 

West Lake 
The best spots were #4 and #6 by far for nice pike.  Just yesterday I flew over #4 and got to witness guests photoing a giant pike.  The Horseshoe has been productive as usual along with the SE rapids.  The narrows to the Fish Bowl should be a focal point for anglers as the water temperatures begin to warm. 

Good luck on the water everyone! Please send pictures from your latest trip and I'll post them on the blog. 

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