Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Numbers Are In

If you are patient, the Grey Jays will eat from your hand. 
Last week Mother Nature finally, and I mean finally blessed us with some superb weather. Pleasant temperatures and blue skies dominated the week of June 21st to the 28th.  The fish responded positively to the warming waters.  A couple camps reported some astounding numbers, which I'll get to in just a bit.  The bugs, unfortunately are still hanging around.  So, as I mentioned in a previous blog....bring your spray and coils.  This has been the summer of the black fly and the mosquito.


The streak of stable weather patterns recently departed for our current guests.  The past two days (6/30 and 7/1) have been chilly with far belwo normal temperatures and howling winds.  I woke up this morning to 38 degrees, misty skies and 30 mph winds barreling out of the north.  Future forecasts however, are positive and show a warming trend will return to NW Ontario.  

Those of you who have not been following the weather trends for NW Ontario, the Dryden and Ft Frances area has been under flood watch for the past several weeks.  The waters in those areas are extremely high. It was recently brought to my attention there are sections of HWY 105 that have short detours around water over the highway. So just be advised you might have to add another 20 minutes or so to your drive to bypass some flooded highway. 


The water temperatures on Central crept into the high 60's yesterday with some bays even touching seventy for the first time this summer. The warmer waters have finally encouraged the weed growth.  I am starting to see many lilly pads and grass beds while flying over all the lakes throughout the Opasquia Park. 

Still no signs of the pesky bug that emerges this time of year.....the Mayfly. 

As I noted earlier, some camps reported just amazing numbers last week.  Southwest and Cocos were the frontrunners for action.  The guests at Southwest set a new Big Hook record for fish boated in a week.  The Valley party of eight, clicked their way to 5503 walleye, a did not include pike in their total. The See party of four at Cocos had an impressive 3250 fish, with a 44" and 43" pike to top the list.  

 Those Burnt Lake perch will make a tasty dinner.
Guests last week focused on boating some perch and were rewarded with great stringers of fish.  The schools were spotty but you could catch 3-6 fish before hopping to the next spot.  Most fish were tight to the weeds.  A nice 38" pike was boated and released next to Moose Creek. 

Above the north rapids produced several nice walleye topping at 27".  Weed growth in the north narrows is good and is starting to hold trophy pike. 

Lower Cocos outfished the Sagawitchewan River last week.  All the big fish came off of wind blown points and the weeds north of Duckling Island.  

Lemonade was in prime form with plenty of nice 18-22" walleye being caught.  Favourable produced best along the two sections of the Severn river. 

South known for it's walleye fishing, offered some great pike action last week with many fish over 36" caught and released.  The north end being shallower than the rest heated up with warm temperatures. 

The guests tried to find spots on the lake that didn't have fish and failed.  Just about every nook and cranny held and walleye or a pike. The east arm held great fish and Hot Spot #5 was one of the top locations.  A giant 45" pike was released.  

The fishbowl was the place to be.  According to the guests, the rest of the lake was super slow compared to the action in the fishbowl and the narrows leading into it.  This makes sense since the fishbowl is shallower than the rest of the lake and the fish were craving warmer water temperatures. 

Good luck on the water this summer everyone.

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