Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mad Season

A crisp Central Lake morning
Our summer has been running about two or three weeks behind this year.  Typically these following seasonal events have already occurred.  First and foremost is the mayfly hatch, which has now finally finished on all the lakes.  A typical year the mayflies hatch around the end of June to the fourth of July.  Second, the growth of plants and berries has been at a snails pace.  At the moment wild strawberries have just ripened enough for a tasty topping on pancakes.  I see a great potential for a bumper blueberry crop this year, as there are a ton of green berries throughout the boreal forest.  However, it takes a long time for them to ripen here and I fear we will have our first frost before then.  Finally, the water temperature is cool.  We still have not cracked 70 degrees at Central Lake, and if we do not get a round of warm weather soon it will not happen this year. Keep in mind our warm season ends in about five weeks.


The weather has been far from stable over the past ten days.  We have transitioned from high pressure to low and back again at a rapid pace this summer.  The past week has been filled with cloudy skies, warm temperatures and thunderstorms.  The forecast for the next several days is some much needed warmth along with variable cloudiness and continued warm temperatures. For updated weather info you can click the Environment Canada weather banner in the upper right corner of this blog. 


Nice pike from SW lake. 
Walleye fishing was slower last week as a result of a dense mayfly hatch on the majority of the lakes.  However, camps managed to find some great pike fishing action.  The weeds are not as dense as years past but they are holding some quality pike.  The sparser weed beds are allowing anglers to cast a variety of baits without worries of getting fouled on foliage.


The pike fishing was great up in Big Boy bay with several 39+” fish released.  Walleyes were stacked in hotspot #5.  Most fish have been found shallower than normal in around 8 ft.  This has probably been one of the best years for perch fishing at Burnt.


The west portage was hot for pike.  Six fish over 38” were released in two days.  All were caught in the same weed bed, and if you have fished the west portage you know which spot I speak of.  The falls are still pushing lots of water and the walleye have been congregating to the current.


A nice catch and release from Cocos Lake. 
The rapids have starting flowing at a slightly higher rate over the past several days.  Great walleye action is still found around both flowages.  The rapids that exits the north of Cocos is one of my favorite places to fish in the entire park.  There is just something about standing from shore and catching walleyes. 


Weeds are still pretty spread out on Lemonade so the walleye action has been very active.  The east points seem to have been slightly more active than the rest of the lake.  A nice 43” beast of a pike was boated next to Johnson’s Island last Tuesday.  Trolling shad raps in about 12 ft of water was a great way to locate schools of walleye. 


Just last night two gentlemen boated a 29.5”, 27.5” and four 26” walleye in a period of two hours fishing.  The spot unfortunately was kept under secrecy however they said the big fish were boated in 25’ of water. 


I don’t think there has ever been a bad day of fishing on Southwest Lake.  It is probably the most productive outpost we have for numbers.  Yes, the fish may lack some size but you will catch more 16-19” walleyes than you can ever imagine.  The points to the east of the camp have been just stacked with fish.  A nice 37" pike was boated on Hot Spot #4. 


With the cooler water temperatures the bulk of the action still lies in the Fish Bowl.  Walleyes have been holding on the perimeter of weeds while the pike stalk within.  With some warmer weather the north end of the lake will turn on like a light switch for big walleye.

Good Luck on the water everyone,

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  1. Hope our guys at West Lake are catching lots of fish. :) I know they are having a great time no matter what.