Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Big Hook Camps is experiencing our first official heat wave of the summer.  Highs in the upper 80's and lower 90's are expected to occur for the next couple days.  Until recently, the weather patterns have been all over the board.  Just last Sunday the days high temperature was a chilly 52 degrees.  Sundays cold front plummeted water temperatures from 68 to 62 degrees.  However, the water temps should come sky rocketing back with this latest warm front.
A West Lake 43" released 7/17,
caught on the rock next to the dock


Walleye are now staging in their typical summer locations.  Wind blown points and rock reefs from 8-16 feet of water are common hot spots.  Not as many fish are being found among the weeds over the past week.  Back trolling while vertical jigging 1/4 oz heads will always be my favorite technique locating walleye.  Flouro orange and black seem to be the hot colors this summer for tails.  Lots of nice walleye 22"-27" have been boated and released among all the lakes over the past week.  Just about all big fish have been caught vertical jigging. 
A view from the water at Central
I have heard mixed reports on trolling for walleye this week. While guiding Sunday at West Lake most fish shunned the crank baits and would only attack the jigs.  The trolling bite should pick up as the water temps warm and the walleyes descend into the depths.  Focus in 12-15' while navigating break lines.  

Loons nest on the west end at Central
Pike fishing has been successful later in the day.  4-9 pm seems to be the feeding window the past week.  Top water action has been exciting lately, also in the afternoons.  Pick your favorite weed beds and get ready for the smash, remember the bigger fish will hang on the outside of the weed edge.  Bucktails have also been equally effective among the weeds and out performing one of my favorite lures, the Johnson Silver Minnow.  Bright colors such as flouro orange and fire tiger have been triggering bites.  Also, this time of year while fishing for walleye on deeper reefs I like to have one person throw deep running baits for northern. Usually there is one pike lurking on the edge of the walleye school. 

Burnt, Cocos and West all notched 40" + fish in the last week.  The last weeks of July and into August should produce some bruiser pike now that the water levels have returned to normal and our weed beds have matured. 

Good luck on the water everyone! 

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