Friday, August 5, 2016

Walleye Domination

One of my favorite August lures, the 1/4 oz echotail


The reports from most outposts and Central lake are in and the consensus is pretty unanimous, walleye fishing has been superb.  Trolling, vertical jigging, or casting have all been effective techniques the past couple days for NW Ontario's bread and butter species.  Most large schools of walleye have been harboring around 12-16 ft rock reefs.

However, while guiding this past week I found an alarming amount of walleye in the weeds.  As guests targeted pike along weed edges I'd drop a jig boat side and try for walleye.  Quite often, most anglers in the boat quickly switched to walleye after witnessing frantic action.   Central, SW and Burnt lakes seem to be the top for walleyes in foliage.  Whereas, South, West and Cocos seem to be catching more fish on traditional rocky shorelines and reefs.
Another great NW Ontario sunrise

Northern fishing has been a bit more sporadic the past several days.  They are hot one day and a bit reserved the next.  Guiding last Tuesday and Wednesday resulted in several decent fish but the high sun and calm waters caused many of the big fish to follow and not strike.  I found smaller fish camping in the weed beds while the bigger pike are prowling rocky drop offs and windy points.  Tossing a Bomber Magnum Long A was the bait that resulted in quality fish.  Any lipped large crankbait will do.  Gold, black or perch were hot colors.

Projects Happening   

West Lake drainage basin 
Digging, lots of digging.  Most of you will notice new septic trenches being dug next to the outposts.  According to government regulations, grey water pits next to cabins are no longer an acceptable form of drainage.  New concave plastic weeping drainage basins have been installed at all the outposts over the past month.  My shovel and arms are in a need of a break after tackling thousands of pounds
of densely packed clay.

Other projects, such as remodeling the interior of Cocos and a new solar shed at main camp are on the horizon.

Nature Shots 

Mother good warming her chicks at West Lake
We have received some great photos lately from our guests of nature around Big Hook.  Thanks to all who have submitted photos.  Here are a couple of my recent favorites.  

Keep the photos coming in. 

Good luck on the water everyone! 
A great Canadian shore lunch next to a falls  

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