Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mid August Report

We are just over half way through August and it feels like we are in mid July with temperatures well above normal.  The heat wave/drought continues here in the Opasquia Provincial Park.  Temperatures yesterday reached a sweltering 90F, which is highly unusual for this time of year.  We have received next to nothing for rain for the past four weeks and water levels are continuing to drop.  The fire hazard throughout the region is still critical with the woods being so incredibly dry.  Even though there isn't an official fire ban from the MNR, I would advise all guest to please refrain from burning outdoor campfires.  The MNR isn't located in the area and does not have constant feed back from our local conditions.

A nice 40" fish from West Lake 
Water temperatures also remain on the warm side averaging around 73 degrees the past couple days.  Over the years I have noticed that temperatures over 72 degrees will move big pike into deeper waters.  The guests at Central confirmed that statement noting very few big fish were hanging around weed flats.  After chatting with most guests yesterday I learned wind blown points and rocky reefs were the places to focus on for pike over 30".  Deeper diving crank baits and of course jigs were the effective lures for bigger fish.

The walleye seem to be really enjoying the warmer water temperatures.  Typically this time of year you focus in deeper water 15+' however, last week guests were boating eyes as shallow as four feet.  Walleye seemed to be feeding in every depth regardless of sun and wind.  Jigging fish along the edges of weeds or on deeper reefs and wind blown points was effective.  Trolling crank baits along shorelines was another effective technique to locate schools.

44" pike caught 8/8 on Central
West Lake  had good luck later in the week for northern, boating several 35+" fish on reefs east of the camp towards the falls and in the horseshoe. The SE portage was on fire for 18+" walleye, focus on the weeds just above the falls.  The guests also noted some excellent perch fishing within weed beds throughout the lake.  Cocos Lake noted the water was low but shooting the rapids into the Sagawitchewan river was still very easy.  Several beefy 41" were boated near the deeper pools to the SW in the river.  Some nice 20+" walleye were consistent in those same deeper pools.  South Lake raved about the quality of the walleye this week.  Though they didn't boat the fish of a lifetime, the guests claimed the average walleye was 22".  Trolling bright colored reef runners in 15-20ft of water was the magic combination for walleye.  Burnt Lake had new guests for the week and they had a great time.  Walleye were aggressive and would often smash baits just inches under the water next to the boat.  The perch were also active within the weed beds.  Walleye were holding surprisingly shallow and along the edges of weed beds.  Central Lake found constant walleye action south of airplane island and along numerous reefs on the north end of the lake. Finding rock piles in 15+ ft of water was key for walleye.  The bigger pike were a little gun shy this week at Central, many were seen and a couple were lost.  Hippo rock was holding a couple trophy fish but none committed to a lure.

Hot Lures

Walleye-1/4oz jig with pink or pumkinseed tails. Perch colored reef runner. 1/4 oz echotail white.

Northern-3/8 oz jig with a leader.  Musky killer bucktail with orange blade/black skirt.  Rapala F18 deep diver, perch color.  Rattletrap silver.

The blueberries and raspberries are fully ripened and plentiful if you know where to look in the area.  Mom, Luke, Shadow and myself picked a couple gallons of blueberries at Burnt Lake last Friday.  Our harvesting was cut short when we smelt an all to familiar odor.  Unfortunately Shadow stumbled across a skunk and was blasted right in the face.  In an effort to reduce the smell for the plane ride back to Central, I tossed her in the lake.  Let's just say that helped very little.  It was a tough twenty minute plane ride home.  She quickly received a bath in my trusty anti skunk solution.  Baking soda, dawn dish detergent, hydrogen peroxide and water did the trick.

Good luck on the water everyone.  Keep the great pictures coming.  Can't believe the 2017 season only has a month left already.

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