Sunday, August 16, 2009

5000 fish! Guest testimonial

Written by Jack Woolsey

Kath Woolsey---Milestone 5000th Big Hook Fish
In 1990, a week before our first trip together to Big Hook I taught my new bride how to use a spinning reel in our back yard. In 30 minutes she was hitting the middle of a tire from 75 feet nine out of ten times and I knew she was going to do extremely well at Big Hook. However, I never could have dreamt that she would one day amass over 5000 boated fish. Over the years since 1990, we missed one year when Kath was thrown from a horse and shattered her knee 3 days before we were to leave for the trip. Since then we have now totaled 19 trips and I've kept stats for every day of every week we've spent for all of the trips. I can tell you what lures or rigs we were using on every big fish we've ever caught and the times of day when we caught them. As for Kaths 5000th fish this year it was a 20" Walleye caught at Burnt Lake on a green,quarter-ounce,Thumper jig. Her all-time Big fish are a 44" Northern caught on a gold Johnson Silver Minnow and a number of 26" Walleyes. This year she caught her 120th Northern over 30" and 92 of them have been 35" and over. Next Year she will boat her 3000th Walleye. This remarkable woman is a 5 foot, 105 pound beautiful blond with blue eyes and a smile that melts your heart and the personality to go with it. I would seriously doubt that there's been any other woman to date who has caught as many fish at Big Hook and in my book its an unbelievably amazing feat. One more thing for the record, over the years she has out fished me by 680 fish but she does give me credit for running the boat, netting her fish and being her guide. My hats off to my wife, my best friend and the Best Lady Fisherman I've ever seen or heard about. See you all next year and lets hope for better weather in 2010.

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