Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Sun and Fun

One of many trophy South Lake walleye boated and released
the week of 7/15
I'm not going to lie, it has been hot this past week here in the Opasquia Provincial Park.  Daytime highs peaking into the high 80's and 90's has everyone sweating on the water.  The heat wave this past week has shot water temperatures into the mid seventies in most locations. The water I might add is just perfect for swimming.  A quick dip in the lake is the perfect remedy to cool down after a hot day on the water.

July has been a complete flip flop from June with very little rain and sunshine just about every day. Conditions are extremely dry and please use caution when having campfires and shore lunches.  Please make sure the fires are completely extinguished when you are finished.  The hot weather has been taking it's toll on the lake levels as they are continuing lower due to evaporation.

Another beauty South Lake eye.
I received several reports from the outposts this week.  Most camps reported a slow start to the week, however the walleye bite especially improved as the week progressed.  Fishermen mentioned walleye were deep in 22+ feet of water to begin the week and then moved up in the water column as the week continued on.  I managed to hit the water at Central three times over the past couple days and can attest the walleye were running shallower yesterday than at the beginning of the week.

Lake quick reports 

We had amazing luck yesterday at Central for walleye in 8-10 feet of water and even boated a dandy 26" walleye in a weed bed in 4 feet of water.  Many 32-40" pike have been boated and released also at Central, mainly coming from wind blown weed beds.  South continues to boat trophy walleye week in and week out, topping out at 30" this week.  West has had amazing luck with big walleye this week, numerous fish coming from the north end of the lake.  Burnt started hitting the fish fast and furious on Wednesday.  The current guests were almost able to land a 40+" fish on an ultra light rod.  Cocos was enjoying better luck towards the burnt lake rapids with several big walleye over 24+".

1/4 oz jigs with either orange, pumpkinseed, pink or white bodies have been out fishing every other lure.  Vertical jigging while back trolling over structure has been most effective.  There has been some action casting onto reef tops for walleye.  Walleye have also been schooling adjacent to wind blown weed beds the past several days.

The pike top water bite was amazing yesterday.  High flying action was abound during the afternoon hours. Buzz baits and zara spooks with propellers were the hot baits.  Sunny skies and calmer waters typically result with lots of follows.  Switching to top water will often bring about more aggression  from lazy fish.  Bucktails and silver minnows are other hot lures to toss.  Jigging larger shad type plastic baits have caught lots of northern off of deep reefs.

Good luck on the water everyone.  It is a hot day out so I am off to jump in the lake to cool down.


  1. Nathan, our group has always booked our trips for opening day of walleye season but as I read your reports it seems that the warmer weather in June may be the better choice. When do you feel is the absolute best week from the end of May to the end of June?

  2. Nathan, our group has always booked our trips for the season walleye opener (generally end of May)but from your posts it seems that the fishing gets better with the warmer weather in June. In your opinion, which is better, first week or mid June?

    1. Hi Sam, I prefer mid June for walleye just because you'll never hit the post spawn, especially if the early spring is cool. Pike are more agressive first week of June as they spawn earlier. My favorite time for walleye is right before mayfly hatch which is usually third week of June.