Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Batten Down The Hatches!

Mother Nature always has her way of letting you know she is the boss. Today, she is having her way with us here at Eagle Lake. Lashing us with 45 +mph winds and stinging rain, Mother Nature is telling us spring has just begun.
On days like today winds only stress out pilots and aggravate outpost camp owners, mostly because we have to succumb to the weather. The only thing we can do is sit back and wait.....and wait.
When the gusts top 45mph our stress levels elevate and our eyes turn to the dock where the wind and water pitch our float plane around like it was made of paper. We can only hope that the dozen ropes we have lashed to everything in sight will hold fast and keep our only means of transportation stationary and grounded.
As a guide, I do enjoy foul weather of sorts. Dark skies often increase the bite and trophies are more often caught. However, when the howling winds are splashing gallons of water over your boat and temperatures are hovering around 35 degree's and lower, I draw the line. I am a tough tough fisherman, I'll guide through most of Mother Nature's tantrum's. I'll admit though, the is my enemy. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing three foot rollers lumbering down the lake. At that moment my fishing instinct is turned off, I set my rod down and sulk back to the cabin for a nice warm cup of coffee.

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