Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cracking the Whip

We have been working hard the past week getting camps open and operational. The weather overall has improved and stabilized. The ice finally gave up it's hold on Favourable yesterday. With the nicer weather we have been able to focus on a couple of spring projects.
Today's project included installing power at South Lake. South now has a brand new fridge and freezer along with 4 lights that all run on a quiet and efficient Honda 2000 generator. South is also getting upgraded with 5 new Yamaha 4-stroke 15hp motors.

On the fishing front......Central guests have been hammering the walleyes in the current and shallow muddy bays where the water temps are rising. The walleyes look like they have spawned already. I made it out with our hired help from Sandy Lake (Anthony and Corey). In just an hour we managed to boat a 37" and 41" pike in the East rapids. Lots of big pike were cruising the area chasing and scaring all the walleyes out. Smaller baits and slow retrieve's are still key to catching big fish. The fish are still pretty cold and won't hit a bait that is being retrieved to quickly.

Burnt Lake quoted "they are catching more fish than they can handle." I'll hear more tomorrow when we stop in for a camp check.
Hope everyone is well and look forward to seeing you soon.

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