Sunday, May 10, 2009

Patience is a virtue

Still all quiet on the northern front. Ice is still holding steady in the Sandy Lake/Big Hook area. Yesterday Dad and I, admittedly getting a little restless, decided to take a drive to Red Lake and drop off a load of supplies at Wasaya Air. Along the way we were surprised to see many lakes still with ice on the surface. Howie Bay in Red Lake was still completely white with ice. However, after talking to several pilots and looking at weather forecasts, we left with the impression that we should be getting into camp soon. Tomorrow will bring warm temperatures to the area, with lots of sun and hopefully a little wind to start cracking up the ice.

Also, tomorrow I'll be heading to Winnipeg to pick up our pilot Andre and our 185 Cessna. We will fly the plane back to Eagle Lake here and wait for the green light. Once we get the call that an airplane can get into Central Lake, Andre and I will jet out of here ASAP.
Here's to warmer weather and a non icey future. Take care all.

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