Monday, May 18, 2009

We Have Arrived

Everyone has made it into camp safely. Freezing rain and blowing snow were not enough to keep us from arriving at Big Hook last Saturday (May 16th). For the past two days all of us here (Mom, Dad, Myself, Andre, our two helpers Elvis and Anthony) have been lugging motors, cutting wood, cleaning cabins, flying freight, etc... as fast as we can.
Saturday night was a chilly one. The lake actually froze over again over night! Again this morning (May 18th) Mother Nature decided to play another joke on us today by dumping another inch of snow in our front yard (see the attached pic). Fortunately, warmer temperatures are along the way.
I am itching to get on the water but for now it's time to put on a layer of under armour and get back to opening camps.

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