Friday, June 5, 2009

Water Temperature

A key aspect of spring fishing is water temperature. Fish can be lethargic and normally non aggressive during cold snaps in the spring when water temperatures are already low. Thanks to several cold snaps this week, including today(woke up to snow flakes gently falling from the sky) water temps here at Central Lake have been hovering around the mid forties. The magic number I would like to see is about 50 degree's. Two days of steady sunshine will trigger the fish and guide them into shallow bays for some much needed sunbathing. On sunny days I like to focus on mud flats and weedy bays that have a north and east exposure. These bays and flats heat up and retain lots of residual heat from the sun slightly faster than the rest of the lake.

This time of year I like to experiment with different lures. One such lure that has brought much success thus far is a Sebile slow sinking white double jointed crankbait. So far, a slow retrieve out of the shallows has resulted in a couple of trophy pike this spring.

Our pilot Andre and I just got back from West and Southwest Lake. Guests reported no problem of catching walleye and pike. Although, several customers said fish are moving a bit slower due to the inconsistent weather we have been experiencing. Guests at Central Lake boated two 35" pike and several in the 30-34" range in the past couple of days. I'll get a report tomorrow from guests as it is change over day.
Aside from fishing, guests are really enjoying our new solar systems that we installed at Burnt, West, Cocos and Southwest last year. Also, the new generator and porch at South Lake has received many praises.
Take care all and good luck on the water.

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