Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Yup, it's official. The bite is on. The sun has finally decided to stick around and warm our waters here in the Opasquia Provincial Park. Water temps are on the fast track past 50 degree's and the fish are responding.
I was able to speak with a number of guests yesterday on change over day. The consensus was that pike fishing was amazing and walleye fishing was about to explode. All the outposts had great luck catching trophy pike in shallow bays and currents.
On their first day, the guests at Central here had an easy time locating and catching and releasing horde's and horde's of walleye's. It just show's that the walleye's were waiting and wanting the sun as bad as everyone else.

Attached below is short video of a nice 41" pike that was caught and safely released in the East rapids at Central Lake.

Here at Big Hook, we are always looking for new picture's of your latest fishing trip to use on our website and/or new brochure's. If you have any great shot's of nature or fishing please email them to us. Take care everyone and good luck on the water.

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