Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roll With the Punches

I heard a great quote today about spring weather in Northwestern Ontario. "It's still spring time here in NW Ontario. Just take what Mother Nature dishes ya and roll with the punches." Weather the past two weeks, I'll admit has been less than stellar. Cool evenings and cloudy days has the northern boreal forest still believing it's May. Poplar and birch tree's still have yet to produce leaves. However, as it warms, pollen will soon coat the water with a nice yellow glaze.

On the fishing front. Pike seem to be impervious to the cool weather. Guests at Central are boating and releasing numerous 34-39" fish. Walleye were (earlier in the week) a bit on the slow side. I would like to admit every day produces hundreds and hundreds of fish but in reality fishing does lag from time to time. Many factors contribute to walleye aggressiveness: weather, moon phase, whether you are jigging with your left or right hand, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, Monday and Tuesday were tough for walleye. Guests had no problem catching male walleyes around rapids and flowages for those days but finding the bigger females have been tougher. However, as it always does, the walleye bite came around today (Wednesday). Like a flip of the light switch the bite turned as soon as the sun popped out.

Lake had similar stories to report. Walleye's started slamming today with the arrival of the sun. They weighed and released a beefy 18.5# pike.

All in all, the fish are still very shallow. Pike and walleye are both hanging in about 4 feet of water. Future forecasts show lots of sun, that only means the fish will be sunbathing for the next couple of weeks.

On the building front. We are taking advantage of an off week at Cocos Lake, Dad and I relocated the shower and made it accesible to the inside, no more walking outside to take a shower. We have also built new boat ramps and a new floating dock.
The new solar systems and freezers are working out very well. Nothing but thumbs up from everyone.

Good luck on the water everyone.

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