Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dark Days, Dark Colors

I am a firm believer, that the color of the lure should match the weather patterns. I always say "Dark days, dark colors and light (sunny) days, light colors." The past several days here at Big Hook Camps we have had cloudy days and cool weather. After guiding the past two days at West Lake, I noticed a pattern that the guests using black twister tails where out fishing the flouro orange tails 2:1 for walleye. What was even more convincing was the pike. We boated 12 pike between 30-38". Of those fish, only two were caught on a silver spoon or brighter color lure, the others were caught on a black skirted bucktail or a black Bulldawg.
Also, the fish have responded to the cool dark weather by holding in somewhat shallower depths. Walleye's are hanging in 6-12 feet, with the occasional fish in 18+. Pike are now finding some weeds to shelter themselves. Weeds are finally reaching the surface. Although it isn't a great weed growth year, they are still holding fish. Water temps are still hovering around the 65 degree range. I unfortunately don't see much change in the water temperature's according to the weather forecast. For current weather at Big Hook visit:

Hot lures: 3/8 oz pink jig head with a black and red flecked twister for walleye. Black and orange medium sized Bulldawg for the pike.

I was able to chat with several of the guests from the past week and here is a quick fishing report from the camps:
South Lake: Guest's last week boated and released four 28" walleye. The four fish were in surprisingly deep water, around 30 ft, according to the guests. Many fish in the 25" range were found shallower, mainly around 12 ft. Jig and twister are still the most effective lures.
Burnt Lake: The four guests at Burnt Lake last weeks tallied 1500 fish. Several lunker pike were recorded at 42", 38", 37" and several at 34" inches.
West Lake: After guiding there the past couple of days we boated and released a dozen pike between 30-38". Most pike were hanging in the south west corner of the fish bowl, others were in the horseshoe. Saw a couple of monsters in the northeast corner of the fish bowl. We also released a 28" and a 25" walleye. Both were in 6 ft of water on the north end of the lake.
Central Lake: Walleye are now beginning to concentrate on reefs and points. The Moore party caught a dandy 41" pike on the north end of the lake near the shore lunch island.

On a final note, we will be filming a TV segment August 8th-10th with Real Outdoor Destinations. I'll keep you posted on when the show will air and on what station.

Good luck on the water everyone. Throw the big one's back!

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