Sunday, July 5, 2009

Awaiting the Hatch

It is that time of year. The time of year everyone looks to the sky and the surface of the water for, what else, May Flies. Now I'll admit they aren't quite appropriately named, I would call them July Flies for this area. The May Fly is a fisherman's mortal enemy and main competitor for the all-Canadian walleye. For roughly three days in the month of July, millions of May Flies cloud the skies and litter the surface's of lakes luring walleyes to a top water bite. In the evenings, one can witness a barrage of fish attacking the surface gorging themselves on struggling May Flies.
I'll admit, fishing during this time can be tricky. Walleyes with full bellies, are lethargic and unambitious.
There is hope for the avid angler during this time. The main focus is size. Scaling down is a primary concern. I found using smaller baits and brighter colors can be very effective while combating the May Flies. 1/4 oz jigs and small, I mean SMALL, Rapalas.
I'll keep my eye on the sky and let everyone know when the flies start clogging the skies.

Water Levels
Water levels have shot up in the last week. Rapids are now gushing more than ever, thus drawing fish into their currents. Many guests have been focusing their efforts around areas with current and flow, often with great and pleasing results.
The increase in water levels has made it tough for weed growth. Coupled with a cool cool spring, weed growth is slow and behind. Weed beds have begun growing however are no where near there usual levels.
Weather has been cool thus far in July and water temps have dipped slightly. For current weather at Big Hook Wilderness Camps visit:

Fish are still holding shallower than normal. Focusing on mud flats and shallow grassy bays are yielding best results.

Attached are various pics from the Bauer Party at Central Lake during the week of June 21st. Thanks for the pic's guys! And I had to sneak one in of myself. Remember to send us pics of your latest fishing trip and I'll post them on my blog.

Good luck on the water everyone. Remember to practice catch and release.

(Upper right: DJ 40" pike, Upper left: my 37" pike, Lower left: Richard 42" pike, Lower right: Nick 25" walleye.)

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