Thursday, July 16, 2009

Outpost Communications

All of our outposts here at Big Hook Wilderness Camps have various types of communication to contact us at the base camp Central lake. We encourage our guests to contact us whenever needed whether it is for supplies or questions and concerns. Should you need supplies, let us know ahead of time and we can bring it to you on the next trip. Keep in mind, since we are a fly-in camp, weather plays an important factor in our ability to reach the camps.

South Lake, West and Cocos incorporate the use of radio phone's similar to a CB radio. Operation is simple, just turn on the volume switch and turn it up. We are listening everyday on the other end between 5:00-5:30 pm.

Favourable, Burnt, and Southwest utilize sat phones for communication. Once again, operation is easy. We have two different types of satellite phones: Globalstar hand held phones and Glentel base phones.
Globalstar phones operation is similar to a traditional cell phone. Simply stand outside in a clearing with a southern view, rotate the antenna, press power and wait for a signal. Dial Big Hooks number 905-963-1260 when you receive a signal. Keep in mind it can take a couple of minutes to acquire a signal, so be patient.
Glentel base phones operate slightly different. Just place the dome outside in a clearing, connect the positive and negative lead to the battery, press power, and wait for the phone to acquire a signal. Once a signal is recieved, dial Big Hooks number 905-963-1260 and press send.
If we happen to miss your call and you recieve the voicemail, please leave us a message. We check our voicemail regularly.

Good luck on the water everyone.

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