Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why jig when you can fly?

Why jig when you can fly? That does not make sense....or does it? In this case however, the phrase makes sense when one person in your boat is catching walleye after walleye on a fly rod. The magic lure on the end of the line was a brown 3" clouser tipped with a yellow or white twister tail.
Truthfully, I never believed that a fly could be so effective for walleye, let alone in the middle of July. However, yesterday I was proved wrong in my beliefs.
Walleyes darted in and out of the swift current below the north rapids of Central Lake, striking the fly as it lazily drifted down stream. The action was convincing enough to where I now believe I need to take up a new hobby and begin practicing my 10 and 2 casting. Attached is a video as proof of yesterdays success.

On the fishing front..

The old adage says "Fish bite best before a big storm." I couldn't agree more. Today, on the verge of a nasty storm front, guests reported some of the best success of the week. One couple boated over 50 walleye in an hour and a half before the weather started darkening the skies.
Walleye are starting to move a tad deeper into the 8-12 range. Water temps are still cool for the time of year. After a full day of sun, the warmest water I could locate was about 65 degrees on the surface.

Weed growth is way behind this season at all Big Hook Camps. Weeds are struggling this year with the cooler temps and higher waters. Speaking of high waters, Cocos guests for the last two weeks have been unable to make it up the Sagewitchewan rapids due to the increased volume of water.
We are still keeping our eyes on the water and skies for the infamous mayfly. None have hatched yet and hopefully they will skip a year.

The top two lures of the week are the: Johnson silver minnow with a white twister trailer for Pike and the DOA tiny terroreyze brown jig for Walleye.

Good luck to all on the water! Remember to put the big one's back.

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